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Counseling in Folsom

                              Debi J Hoffman, Psy.D.

                  Licensed Psychologist PSY23061

                        Phone:   916-770-5579   



I believe that when we feel truly heard and understood, when we know that someone finally “gets it”, we can begin to relax, let our guard down just a little, and change can begin.  

My therapeutic style includes creating a unique, safe, and caring relationship with each person who finds their way to me – seeking comfort in difficult times, relief from pain or anxiety, personal growth, and enduring change.  Let’s share the journey forward to better relationships and getting reacquainted with your true self. 

I am a licensed psychologist in Folsom with a doctorate in clinical psychology from Alliant International University/California School of Professional Psychology in Sacramento.  I have published two articles based on my doctoral dissertation about the differences in mood improvement from exercise between exercisers and non-exercisers.  I moved to California from Wisconsin in 2003 and have quickly taken to California’s warmth - both the friendly people and the sunny days. 



In order to protect your privacy and confidentiality, you may decide not to use your insurance.  When you do not use your insurance, no diagnosis for you is on record at your insurance company.  Also, you and I can decide together how many sessions will be most beneficial to you. 

If you choose to use your insurance, please know that although my name will not be on the list of therapist providers, you can still use your insurance to see me, provided that your PPO insurance includes a benefit that you may see out-of-network therapist providers. 

If you decide to use your out-of-network insurance benefit to see me, because I have chosen to not become an in-network therapist provider for your insurance company, your insurance company cannot require me to send them copies of my notes about our sessions.  Also, your insurance company cannot call me and require me to answer questions about our sessions. 


My Publications

You can view abstracts of my publications at the following links (full text is available upon request at



Exercisers Achieve Greater Acute Exercise-Induced Mood Enhancement Than Nonexercisers



Does Aerobic Exercise Improve Pain Perception and Mood? A Review of the Evidence Related to Healthy and Chronic Pain Subjects